Welcome to the website of Friends of MELIOS – Animal Protection Society

Since 2010 the name “MELIOS” stands for the protection of neglected, sick, malnourished, injured and homeless animals. You are welcome to read more about my experiences at the MELIOS shelter here, e.g. who they are and what they do. Do not hesitate to contact me – Michael Hiemann – or the shelter directly for further information, support, tips or questions.

What is MELIOS?

In Greece, many people are not particularly close to their animals. They are abandoned, wander freely around the country and are usually in poor condition. 

The team at the MELIOS animal shelter is trying to change this, offering protection, medical care and trying to find new owners for these wonderful dogs.

What is needed most?

  • With donations they can pay for food, medication and vets.
  • Adoption from a distance for individual dogs.
  • Loving families for great dogs.
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News about Melios

03/03/2024 T-shirts for MELIOS animals!

Make people happy and help animals at the same time!


02/28/2024 Homepage “Friends of MELIOS” goes online

It has been a long time since we intended to publish a new homepage about the MELIOS animal shelter, as the old "MELIOS" page was no longer up to date. The main aim is to present the dogs at MELIOS.


02/26/2024 Mitco – not an easy start into life

This is Mitco. A male puppy about 3 months old. His life did not begin very well. He has 2 fractures. We will try to show him the happy side of life. We will need your help so when he gets better he will continue to enjoy life and not end up in the cage.


02/19/2024 Storage for food


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